Государственный комитет по имуществу Республики Беларусь State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus Государственный комитет по имуществу

Information on the origin of street names in the country became even more accessible thanks to public cadastral map of State Property Committee

Information on the origin of street names in the country has become available to users of the public cadastral map of the State Property Committee. The information collected from official sources and displayed on the map concerns significant dates, historical figures, memorable places and events in the history of our country, as well as other interesting facts in honor of which the elements of the road network of settlements are named.

The project for the collection, processing and publication of such information on this map was implemented by the National Cadastral Agency and territorial organizations for state registration and land cadastre of the State Property Committee in conjunction with local executive and regulatory authorities, which made a great contribution to improving the data of the register of names of streets and roads of the state land cadastre in less than six months.

An additional positive aspect of the street information project is the restoration of historical justice. For example, Mitskevich Street and Lane was in Rechitsa town for a long time, which were later renamed into Adam Mitskevich Street and Lane. However, it was established that these elements of the road network were named not in honor of the famous poet, but in honor of the Soviet intelligence agent Yevgeny Mitskevich, which was reflected in the cadastral data and reflected on the public map in strict accordance with the register.

Almost all the names of the elements of the road network are closely related to the place where they are located. The central aeroclub DOSAAF (Volunteer Society of Assistance of Army, Aircraft and Fleet) was once located in the village of Kopishche of the Borovlya village council of the Minsk region, and now many streets are named after famous pilots and aircraft designers.

Currently, the public map reflects 53 000 elements of the road network in the settlements of Belarus. More than 8 000 of them contain information about the origin of the name.

It is easy to find out information about the street: you need to click to display the map site (http://map.nca.by/), select the object of interest (having previously connected the «Elements of the road network» layer) and “click” on it.

It should be noted that everyone can use the feedback form on the public map and send information about the origin of the street with a link to the source of the data.

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